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(Subject to change without noise)


MOI ?!

BLiSSiNGS.com is,
frisk and foremoist, a soapblogs to express 'n' share (my) unbridled joy, wonderment, and well-wishes @... A cornucopia of 'BLiSSiNGS', as I call 'em! There's 'lust for life', 'carpe diem', 'viva Les Vegas'... You know, the unusual suspects. And may they Rob off on ya a little!
Not to mention: Inspire the unwished masses!
BLiSSiNGS.com points,
out/at alternatives to the dissolving dreams of 'reality'. If only to reassure myself, ad infinitum. This here maze place facilitates a fluid focus on or from, hopefully, ever expanding consciousness... a meandering perspective of sorts. W/, off course, some sexy drums, & rock, 'n' roll thrown in for goof measure!

BLiSSiNGS.com nudges, winks,
its merry way 'round, through posts yum-packed w/ assorted art, advertised projects and products [oi, a man's gotta feast], graphics, + a plethora of word- & punctuation-play. It's often got links, too --though occasionally obfuscated.

BLiSSiNGS.com's all ways,
of course, in good jest.

Rob Lesman



Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Riddle Me Bliss.

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