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is wonderfooly well, Thanks! You?

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
"History would be something extraordinary,
if only it were true."
Rob Lesman - "The Jumping Jack of 122112"

Expanded Quick Recup:
Every anno, I sorta salute Summer here w/ some sunny style de-sign on its very 1st day. Thought I'd do a graphic one this year feat. '777', since I've been 'seeing' tons of those types of number syncs over the past many months. But da design I had in mind had too fascis t a loook to it, and I thus wisely decided agains tit. Then figured that nipples are always(?) a real hoot, right, so, like, why, not, design, some jolly SunTat'd boobs, or summerthing in said ddirection... I Go ogled for inspirations/xxxamples, & the 1st pic I c licked and look tat turned out to POP UP above Text th@ besides tatood tattas also feat'd... '777's'!

This, Then
was foollowed by my Jen wanting me to visit the ATeetAndTeet sight -something to do w/ a phone number involving 77, but for privacy punpose tats all, fooks! (O)ther than that ATT = anagram of TAT

... Naughty
to lesmention that hours prior to the aboves I'd Tweeted a l'il nursingry rhyme. Twent:
Tee-hee-hee ... May Summer be ... A merry melody ... A silly symphony ... Of SYNCHRONiCiTY

So Anyway 'n' Voilà,
my pleasures, & you're warm welcome! And to Summer.

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Patrick Jane:
"Humming is like comfort food - takes you
back to the breast."
Rob Lesman - "The Keyser Söze of Summaries"

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Eric Gill:
"No Futura!"
Rob Lizman - "The Clown-Prince Of Positivity"

"It StarFished
With A Kiiiissh"...
K, just wanted to sing th@, you sexy thing, you. But, Rob Les' Believe It Or Else, the above iS a tru StarFish, 11-armed & dangerless, tru colors 'n' all. Granted, some PhotoShoop hoopla added for overkrill...
Supposedly from Russia*, the 8-inch rascal! B(r)ought it wimme wimme wimme from La Isla Palmetta [Oh South Carolina!], where us 9 went for a sunderful yearly week. *Better not be from Chernobyl!

purchased a plethora of other seapretties' remains, aka. another -HUGE- starfish, a seabiscuit, buncha supasized shells... Knowing me I wouldn't be surprised if I add nauseum pics of those to this site, too, w/in the next æon?

Beside buying
shells & sea food and smokey mustard + chimes n shit, we also spend much (MOST!) time not $pending anything. And instead swooned over daily update pics from our chi's -stayed behind boarded (not bored!)-, butted heads w/ Bubba The Parrot, walked sun-soaked beach sand & thru Charleston, spotted several dolphins frollick about from a boat... And of course sat around all reeelaxed n shit, reading tweeting talking, napping sleeping sunburning... And worked - uncourtesy of our var. online stores that appearantly've never ever even heard of 'vacation'. Oi, I ain't complaint! Plus toevallig wel likkebarend lekkerlesman'd koeldrinkend frisdrinkend stemmensmerend razendsnelle snelvibrerend koel koel koel new Aloha attire on me hairy chest, of course.

of some mo' Isla, 'n' Capers. Walla:

of syncs, lately, still. Last few days var. re. GroundHogs... "Seeing the shadow," & all that? Hmm...

Bonus Video:
The following flying (earlier partially pictured) dyna-kites stunted right over(our)head(s) @ our last night 'there'... Certainly a spectacular sight:

For Mo' Slash Latest, Always


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Ringo Starr:
"I was in the Bahamas."
Rob Lesman - "of Curiosities The Phil Connors of Curiosities The

Belated scoozes for loadslowness; guess page is gettin' Rob-heavy.


Fed Up
w/ foolowing de signs, I'd me own made. Arrived today - hooray!

other 1 I'll show de other time}

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Which came 1st: The bunny, or the eggs?
Rob Lesman - "The Sumthink of Signs"

Well Here's
my jolly good fellow(e)s!

And Then

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Michael Jestsome:
"Can you fool it...? Can You Fool It...?
Rob Lesman - "The YinYang of Jolly Good"

The Birds, The Bees - The Trees!!!

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
dalai lesman:
"onthing is going no. just naysayin'..."
Rob Lesman - "The Sevens of Spring"

Small AsheVille '44th' / 777 Selection:


Robdated as 311 progresses, and/or not.


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:

"Any hobbies? Good. Any pets? Great. Any funny stories? Right - let's begin!"
Rob Lesman - "The Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa of FortyFour" LiNK BLiSS 2012

A sync-load of -hronicities lately. YUM.

Considered changing it to Numberwing.


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Tom Kenyon:
"if one knows how to jump timelines, it is
much easier to do when the timeline you
desire is so close to the one you are on."
Rob Lesman - "The [sensibly censored] of 7s" LiNK BLiSS 2012


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Tom Kenyon:
"if one knows how to jump timelines, it is
much easier to do when the timeline you
desire is so close to the one you are on."
Rob Lesman - "The tWin of TimeLines" LiNK BLiSS 2012

So The Clock Struck 2O12...
Two dimes, a dozen.


Again kein cutting of(f) ye ole unicorntail, but da other thing still stands:
Desk clearance! I.e.:

Ditto Dat:
Merci 2O11, as u were, IMO, ones again, both wonder- & work-fool! So raising the grapejuice glass to forever mo' increasynchronicity & 'prompts', jest, awemazement, grace, grazie, kerching, a fab 2O11+. = NoobYours BLiSSiNGS!

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Homey D Clown (for President 2012):
"When all the candidates are clowns playing that they aren't, why not elect a clown who doesn't play around?"
Rob Lesman - "The Guus Geluk of 'kig NieuwJaar" LiNK BLiSS 2012

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