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 O SOLE B!O... 
Melonie Bravoura
(M. O. O. N. Spells Blissings.com)

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ex-Human Torch
ex-Make-Up Monster
ex-X-Mas Tree
ex-Near Death
ex-Holier Than Thou
ex-Completist Anorak
ex-Press Darling
ex-Mac Crasher
ex-Record Store Hand
ex-Nightclub Creative
ex-Fanclub Co-Honcho
ex-Corpus Interruptus
ex-Lightshow Operator
ex-Unlucky In Love
ex-Lion Tamer
ex-Borderline Enlightened

'BLiSS WE CAN!'   (Ever evolving Lesmanifesto of sorts - 01/20 Residential Tweak)
So what then exactly again are them 'BL!SS!NGS' (né 'BLiSSiNGS')?!
Allez, according to the good people @ Wiki.co.in, Blissings R A very special blend of Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations... Virtually guaranteed to make a difference of some kind... An omni-potent mash-up of --in no particular disorder-- at least eleven of the following:

All the Blessings 2 ever have been bestowed upon (y')All. (Und then sum)
Deja Vu time loops aplenty. Remember kids: Synchronicity Loves Company!
Wisdom wisps winking from way way beyond the brink of enlightenment.
Jolts of Joy... Ad infinitum!
Arnold Patent x Klaus Joehle + Numberwang : Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
Peace panache. Passion. inspiratioN with a capital i.
Melting The Foolish flirtation w/ 'reality' & 'fear'. 'Cos U can Can can!
Forgiveness fests that make you go "MG... No Way!"
Love-Loosh (Nonsanto brand) to feed The Grand Gaping Whole.
Free dash of Hare Deeksha. (Hoopla not included)
Whip it up go/od @ 11:11. DishServes 12:34.
Belle Sound / Conduit Closing / Clowntry First!

'Pad Thy Resumé' section

Luminaries once spoke:

"Good taste is the enemy, the perceived perception of 'rock classics' the vile top fifty greatest records ever made., compiled by Nick Hornby lookalikes, the records that you must like... I hate that shit... Anyone who wallows near the epicentre of rock n roll will tell you that Sigue Sigue Sputnik are one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever and that the Beatles suck, that Sid Vicious singing 'C'mon Everybody' is a godlike slice of rock n roll and that nearly every record you find in the Mojo top fifty recommeneded list sucks... Weighed down with their coffee table good taste....
I know this and Rob Lesman knows this... His massive website is dedicated to an illogical and baffling barrage of popular culture freaks, from Mike Tyson to Fatboy Slim, from the Pistols to Sputnik, it's like the rules of 'good taste' had never been bothered with and it rules..."

"So much abundance Rob, you're unstoppable. You're great! You not only have a BiG ego, but you also enjoy it with a passion. BRAVO!" (WiLLEM DE RiDDER)

"Oh please, please, please, please, please, please stop!" (RL)

MARVEL! blissings.com
Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Man Faces Life For Creating Reality
(Story Developing!)
Rob Lesman - "The Basil Fawlty Of Bliss" LiNK BLiSS XTRA

BL!SS!NGS.com © 2005 - Ad Infinitum  Rob Lesman
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'Thank You For Your Time, And Devotion'


The blissings.com Coat Of -er- Arms

. Me/Fam/Friends...:) Et Toi?
. Blissings
. Horn
. Of Plenty
. aka Cornucopia
. Spirals
. Time Travel
. Timelines
. Water
. Drums
. Monkeys
. Universal Principles
. Blipverts
. Tyson boxing, 1983-2002
. V For Vendetta
. Backmasking
. Groundhog Day movie
. United States of Euphoria
. Subliminals
. Homey The Clown
. Rob Circles
. FlagMouth
. Electric
. Making eye-popping graphics
. Stringing words together
. Sigue Sigue Sputnik
. Adam & The Ants
. Asheville
. Hawaii
. Dolly Parton
. Bobby Goren
. Nigella
. Fiorella
. Causeimafella
. Spring Water
. Numberwang!
. Quizzlestick
. Buster Sidebury
. Anamorphosis
. Dan Sartain
. Creating
. Domain Names
. Christopher Walken
. Synchronicity
. Dr. Manjir Samanta Laughton
. Kung Fu U Movie Poster
. Chouchoux De La Maîtresse
. Coats Of Arms
. Sandwiches
. Steev Mike, Ltd.
. Betty Boo
. KlitschKO
. Willem De Ridder
. Screaming Lord Byron
. Milli Vanilli
. Curry Spices/Dishes
. Les Rita Mitsouko
. Alternatives
. Ideas
. Hummingbirds
. Butterflies
. Fran Drescher
. SynchroMysticism
- Flower of Life
. Marketing, kinda
. Dick Bosch
. Cliff Pickover
. Lost
. Piet Schreuders
. Hallali voor Rik Ringers
. Jan Kordaat
. Malcolm McLaren
. Vision Thing
. Sexy Fonts
. Organics
. Joan Cusack
. Andrew WK, Inc.
. Found Magazine
. Rocky 3
. Rocky IV
. Mondo 2000
. Robbedoes Mag 'till ±1980
. Fractals
. Uni-Verse
. Stifler's Mom
. Tessellations
. Brood: Rascal Phenomenon
. Miracles
. Gaudi
. Colbert (aged shows only!)
. Jamie Reid
. Brooke Shields
. K Foundation
. Assorted Drummond/Cauty
. Till Eulenspiegel
. Illusions
. Kaleidoscope Patterns
. UG
. Hot Cocoa
. Ron Flon Flon
. Whipped Cream
. Mustard
. Legally Blonde 1/2/s
. Romy and Michele
. Meditation
. Trickster, Joker, Jester
. Willem Oltmans
. Monkey Cups
. Thorgal Aegirsson
. Alexey Brodovitch
. SlutBoy Femme
. Jacobse & Van Es
. Two Slayer songs
. Max Headroom
. Blondie en Blinkie
. Mucha
. Yodeling
. Slogans
. Diamond Dave
. Alan Partridge
. Five Marilyn Manson hits
. The Rutles
. Early 90's Anna Nicole
. Alice: In Wonderland/TTLG
. Bad News (the group/myth)
. Anthrax (ditto)
. The Sex Pistols
. Andy Kaufman
. Corrrr Van der Laak (E.W.H.)
. The Scarlet Pimpernel
. Encyclopaedia Psychedelica
. Abre Los Ojos/Vanilla Sky
. 1111 & assorted prompts
. Shakira - 'Objection'. OMG
. Wailing along w/T Darkness
. Nina Hagen
. Dutch cheese. What else!?
. Prince 1983-1989-ish
. Some Art
. Ad Infinitum...

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