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('course woulda been nice if they'd asked my permissings first...}

part(y)ing songs courtesy of my 2O11:

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
"When December 21, 2012 hits, it will be the end of something......the end of December 20, 2012."
Rob Lesman - "The Count Wiczling of Calendars" LiNK BLiSS 12/21




to the thief.

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Sigue Sigue Sputnik:
"He who plunders the past,
exploits the future!"
Rob Lesman - "The Picasso of Grazie" LiNK BLiSS 11/24


Oh Joy,
Oh bright day... Ha, ha, ha, finally & @ last:
11:11 am (EST) today marks the 1year anniversary of 1111etc.com :


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Rob Lesman:
"You are the Ones. Still waiting for ... ?"
Rob Lesman - "The 1 of BiG ONES"
LiNK BLiSS 11/11


Remember, Remember...
Well, I almost again didn't. Maar bij deze, dan. dan! dan! dan! dan! dan!

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
The 'Everything is OK' Guys:
"Smiling is bad for the economy."
Rob Lesman - "The D for Deja V" LiNK BLiSS 11/05


"World Vegan Day marks the start of World Vegan Month every year." Appearantly.

starting this 11th month of '11, let's go occupy 11 months of no mo' cancer celebrations!

enuff, folks.

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
"If YOU are righteously ABOVE dogma and REALLY into ethics, how about YOU stop
killing ANYTHING & become a sungazer."
Rob Lesman - "The Course In Miracles of -eh- Meat" LiNK BLiSS 11/01


V for 'villian.


Also oval 'n' orange.

(of the living) unsaid.

You threw a zombie in the sea!?

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Pleiadian Girl:
"October is a most questionable time to fight anything, what with all the zombies, ghouls and poltergeists to contend with"
Rob Lesman - "The Dolly Parton of -eh- Pumpkins" LiNK BLiSS 10/31


Our 11th Anniversary, Today

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
K. Cassidy:
"Prince William gets married on same day as Hitler and Eva Braun"
Rob Lesman - "De Marsupilami Aardig Beest der Marital BLiSSiNGS"


The Love Of Truly Large -eh- Blissings

And Remember, Kids:
What you focus on, grows.

('Laterest Addition' To/
Note About the above 'syncs image': When I was about to post all those 100111 entries to that today's original 'boob' of a BLiSSiNGS.com update, I took some screenshots of the FaceBook postings of said syncs, to use those instead of 'real text' such as this blurb. I also wanted to incorporate a 'Butterfly BL!SS!NGS' pic I'd made a few months ago after finding some wings, and decided to screenshot that (one) too, from one of my FaceBook photoalbums - instead of using, for example, the larger-size original image from my harddrive. After the 'Butterfly BL!SS!NGS'-screenshooting', I, like I regularly do, randomly pressed my hand on the keyboard to quickly add a file 'name' for the screenshot I was about to save... Turned out that by doing so, I had 'typed' three keyboard keys, that spelled 'TRI'. Yep, that both means THREE and they are the first 3 letters of... TRiCKSTER! > So, see that incorporated in the graphic above)

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
"It is no measure of health to be well
adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
Bra Melons - "The Mickey of DD"

Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!
Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!
Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!
Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!
Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!
Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!
Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot! Get your Flu Shot!










Da Summer of Syncs. BLiSS Syncs, that! Thoroughly enjoyed this summer! Hots of heat, lots of time w/ Jen -unlike previous years, when she still was @ her store-, lots of synchronicity! Here foollows a sampling (w/ some other shit grown in for good manure), muchly screenshot'd from FeastBoing... After this great video Jen pointed me sorta @:

after this here l'il intronicity:

(Sensibly Censored
are fam/friends/folks in these:)

Turns out, takes too much time to do them all, this very 1st day of Fall.
So, to be continued over the next few days &/or hours; to be added on more,


As Above
was the 2nd installment of today, done around 1:11 PM already, I feel I best take break 'n' get no work done - to then be followed by more later,


The FB part, yep, perhaps, sorta, but even though increaSYNCly 'what's the point', I want to make the above bloomin' lot a l'il more interactive by incl. some clickable bits & bobs. On top of that I'm also already collecting an unsteady dose of SUMmery prompts & misSYNC 'dear diary'-type TXTfile entries > Because I can can can! > Will paste those up over the next few hours/days > Ergo > To be


09/30/11 Late Non-Update:
"Next few hours"? "Days? Dream on, aka naught yet. Maybe 'later'...

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Senior Financial Official V:
"If you have any doubts about Mr. B, then
ask Mr. X [.]
Rambles On - "The SunTan of Sync"

Post Synctum:

'Man of Measurements' - The above (1)111s were 111% co-incidental! :)


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Sonia Barrett:
"Without the penetration of questions into the fabric of structured beliefs we have bound ourselves to the rules in place."
No Marbles - "The To Be And Not To Be"

Aboves = Recently added to my Alohas; rights of pics retain w/ their orig. photographers



Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Joe Quirk:
"Happiness, as Arthur
'Sunshine' Schopenhauer elucidated,
is the carrot on the end of the stick
that keeps us moving for nature's ends."
Rob Lesman- "The Bimbo of Boxes" LiNK BLiSS 06/21



Early Rob(ot): 'Get Rid of the Hu-mans' - Sounds like US customs finally took my advice!

Voice Removal Machine:
Some days ago already I was welcomed back to the United States by a human robot - right after said robo border cop had asked me the token questions "Are you bringing any bulbs" (toolips to brighten up his life, perhaps?} and "Did you buy anything expensive" in the most unblissed nonotone voice ever uttered (perfectly matched by the most blank expression not from this earthday}... Anything uttered through H.R.H. Stephen Hawking's compuvoice sounds like The Matthaus Passion in comparison; en wel hier om! So (t)here I was - I didn't fall from the sky: Back from my Land of the Nethers.

BANG BANG, You're Flat!
Turned out, while I was departing Schiphol & Co, my poor parents weren't, exactly; stuck in a file -that's Hollandish for traffic jam there, bubba!- they had to endure leaving Amsterdam for a bonus 90 mins. And twas hot! Then, 20 km from almost Leeuward, a tire flatlined. Correction: It actually ex-pucking-floded! @ 120km per hour speed! Luckily, they're safe, and the wheel's been fully replaced by now, but what a sucky thing, fresh from having said a tearful goodbye to that now semi-Tennesean son of a gem of theirs... U, mom & pops!

(Note: As I type this, my mother-in-law also has a flat tire!?}

(pic grazie ma/pa}

Talk About Love:
Dank U, DutchLand! CHEERS for the welcomes with open armen, fam & friends there (incl. Aunt 'n' Alex, either of which I hadn't seen for the longest of times}; thanks y'all for the fun, too, them memories... And 4 the fab meatless food, and fish-meals, and heel very veel much meer! Ah, I unfortunately could not meet each and every1; next times a charms?!

Many fish in the sea; enjoyed slibtong, swordfish & botervis @ Arnhem's Red Snapper District

Baby, Baby, Baby Baby-Baby!
While I was indulgin' in NL, my beloved Jen & Cody were keeping things togetha @ the TN homefront -slammed by $ales &, almost, tornadoes twisting their wicked ways thru town! Whoasa, U lot lots/tons of thanks! Speaking of which, again cheers too for that truly delish duo croissantwich Cody'd made me for on my way home from the airport. YUM! Liefde. Lesman. Maag.

(Groene Ster pic grazie pa/ma)
Liefde. Lesman. Maag. - The Prequel.> Fries Frietje Met/With (Oorlog was op/all gone}

Bringing Home Da Wot?
@ Anita & Wybe's I ate some truly tasty vegetarian bacon (Vegcon? Fakon?} Like them bulbs of before, though, I couldn't bring any home here. So wot I did stock up on in instead, @ Little FroggyLand, -and dientengevolge retuned with to/in the US of A, food-unwise- was a cornucopia of candy & cookies!

Shop Shop Shop Until You Got Drop.
Turned out, in the 4.5 yrs since my last visit there, some Belgian had invented Speculoos! Another creative soul'd come up with chocolade stroopwafels! Storm devotees, even, had resurrected d'EPPO. Or, perhaps in Dec. 2006 Holland simply failed to inform me of some of said Dutch treats' existence. How than too, I shopped for some to add to me already considerable mount of baggage. And cinnamon pillows 'n' canes, chocolate Caramel Stimorols. Drop? Ditto! Licorice root (tea} by the pounds (gallons?}! Plus: Plenty, & cetera...

Muurtje Mucha, Leeuwarden

The Waking Dream: Fantasy and the Surreal in Graphic Art, 1450-1900 - Hardcover, 1975  
Of Clowns And Masons.
Also brought back recent Thorgals, some Chenaskis, 'Herman Brood' style old rocknroller white shoes, AND Birkenstocks, art books on Surrealism for me and Jen (Pictured left is 'The Waking Dream'... Only upon US arrival I realized I already had another book w/ the same title!}... Then there were, of course -not last but not least- assorted presents for wife 'n' son to be bought! Plus, prev'sly piled up in one musty, long-forgotten stack at the parental home, tekeningen. LOADS en LOADS of. Drawings that I, as a young Dutchman, did -I estimate- between ages 2 to 12. Who knew that as a kid, I had a penchant for drawing freemasons and clowns?! Ah, same difference.
Boekje Surrea, Waking Dream

Pipo De Clown-Prince Bernhard
Pipo De Clown-Prince Bernhard

Music, Mason!

Must say that while in Holland, I wasn't exactly besieged by synchs. Well, not like at the herefront. But I did experience some rather frappant (< wow @ dat Dutch woord, y'all!
} ones.
For example, at my sister's, some show came on about Dutch couples moving/ starting over overseas (from the same series to be described on 040611, I good guess?), and Link Wray's 'Rumble' came on < The inspiration for Adam And The Ants' 'Killer In The Home', as well as for Ant guitarist/partner Marco's playin'. A while later I found myself watching recent ANT performance/interview vids, and reading recent articles about 'im.

Sis 'n' Co -incl. yours truly- bicycling de hort (aka hei) op, op zoek naar Hunnebed

Ants Invasion?
Then, a few days later while digesting ditto Ant updates, my mom started watching that same show from days ago... And (thus/duh) again, 'Rumble' came on as swell.
Fair enough, but I must mention, too, that right before I went over to NL, on 040411, I'd had...

(Rumble? Meet Ramble!}
... two different dreams about the lyrics of 'Killer In The Home'. Dreams possibly a response of sorts to the anti-insect poisons (that I much dislike, & had been pondering, before going to sleep, like, how unfair/cruel it is to kill critters that we feel are 'invading' our home, and that instead we perhaps should simply hang up signs with the images of the various insects on them with underneath the text "No Trespassing!' -If anything (as} a playful, symbolic gesture... And who knows, 'they' might actually respect it and stay out? Ehhhhh... ;) } that I had sprayed in our basement, and (something specifically anti-ants!}, had laid thruout the kitchen.

Havelte; backyard w/ a view. Speaking of which: Happy EarthDay!

Freshly arrived in Holland, while co-walking their dog, I was talking to my dad. He told me that a few years ago he had considered buying a house in the US, 'cos sooo cheap. Use it as a second home, or sumtin. A few hrs later, my parents were watching a show that had just came on... about Dutch people buying houses overseas! And... that after Jen'd actually told me a day earlier that my parents... should move to TN!

Havelte. Wow.
Arnhem. Sigh.

Sum More:
Talking to Kiek (Arnhem, again}, I mentioned that since I had borrowed €150 from her husband the day before, I had payed my pal back thru PayPal, converting my Dollars to Euros... Turned out that @ that very moment, €150 equalled exactly $222.22. She then told me that she so very frequently encounters the number 22. As a matter of fact, seeing that # in any film she watches! I told her (1)111 has the hots for me. Following that... we together started encountering various (1)111 and 22 prompts; on tv, in town, and such!

Oh My Gods - No(r)Way!
One other: On my plane way back to the States I was talking to this Danish tourguide-lady on the seat one away from me. This 'cos she found it interesting that I was reading my Thorgals. She asked if it dealt w/ any of the Scandinavian myths and sagas etc. Yep! She then informed me that way when, her history teacher had told her that if you want to learn about roman history, you should read the Asterix comic books... Beautifully remarkable, because not only do I 'collect' Thorgal and my dad Asterix, but days earlier -while talking to the comic books/magazine store owner at my longtime-frequented Leeuwarder shop De LektuurHal- he had said exactly that!


Vrolijk Pasen!
Vrolijk Pasen!
Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Feline Dreamers:
"You may think you are not a creative person, but just living this life here on Earth is, in many ways, a creative act. Great job!"
Lesman - "De Rob Van Winkelen" LiNK BLiSS 04/22


I Don't Have No Time
for no monkey business!
Except for these:


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
"We zijn er bijna
We zijn er bijna
Maar nog niet helemaal (helemaal!)"
Rob Lesman - "The How van Holland" LiNK BLiSS 04/01



Waar Zouden We Zuin
Zonder de tuin?

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
the great UNKNOWN:
"The quote you were looking for no longer exists"
Rob Lesman - "The Harry Houdini of Hummingbirds" LiNK BLiSS 03/24


De Bocht Gaat In!
Adjustment B. was fine, B.Day was awesome, numerous synchs & prompts 'n' stuff -so that's cool, that new toilet's a real water saver (blub), Bobby Goren'll be back (yep!), Jen's eyes spontaneously turned green just now (wow!)... And yes, speakin' of green: Yest. SPRiNG arrived (YAY!)

That's All
I have time for today/this week/this March remainder, folks!

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
CrushThe Street:
"Opt out of conventional wisdom!"
Rob Lesman - "The I Can't Believe of Not Better" LiNK BLiSS 03/21






Don't Go Figure:
Usually, the 1st wishes I get each 03/11 are not from family of pals, but instead read "Happy Birthday from UK Hippy"... That's what ya (OK: I} get for signing up to some site aeons ago to buy some Encyclopaedia Psychedelica's from a member <to complete the collection.

Hey y'all, hey y'all!

And Psyching Of The H-Word,
We just purchased this giant 'Hippie Chic Flower' (purtier in pink 'person'!} @ Perp 1; currently designated as floor-flower, it's expected to eventually graduate to wall- :

Flores... Flores para Lesmantos!

kindsa shitty new flicks are unleashed onto the suspecting -eager, often, even!- populace today... Possibly snowy bday weather permitting, we are gonna go see 'The Adjustment Bureau' instead, so lend me some sugar; I am your neighbor! it better live up to my hardly any -albeit pos.- expectations.


Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Dave, 03/10/11:
"I'm awesome, you are awesome, we are
all awesome ! It's the International Day of Awesomeness !"
Rob Lesman - "The Lt. Bob Hookstratten of HOORAY!" LiNK BLiSS 03/10


"Scenes of gluttony not seen since the golden age of the Cookie Monster", said, appearantly, 'TV Critics', in response to Nigella's TV-series, years ago...

On That Bombshell,
"8 more days still till my birthYAY, and 3 till my early b-YAY Nigella Family Feast this Sun @ Nanna's, feat. non-meat -dough dere maybe sum fishes- delishes Nigella dishes!

Lookie: Monster!

Where's Me Passport?
Will also be bookin' a trip to NL... Stay sooned!

Hajee, Hajoo!

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
"Cooking is actually quite aggressive and controlling and sometimes, yes, there is an element of force-feeding going on."
Rob Lesman - "The Charles Saatchi of Scrumptiousness" LiNK BLiSS 03/03

Elfmanien To Finish E

10 More Months/
2 mo' months...
& 1 month till.

GoDaddy SlowDaddy.
On that domain note -and on thi$ lucky day- for the 11/11/11 occasion I just grab'd BL1SS1NGS.com - WaHey!

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
Rob Lesman:
"Count Blissings, Not Sheep."
Rob Lesman - "The Hundredth Monkey Of More Months" LiNK BLiSS 01/11

SuperSuckers SuperSuckers trhu The Unband Deep JOY to the world! StarShowcase Awaken Sun of gOd StarStuff
Leakmania. Then To Finish Em Off, Let Forgiveness, Leak LOVE

I repeat.

new 'un

Ain't gonna cut off my ponytail this 1/1, but 1 old tradition holds up, still: The clearing off of desk, all the way down to the bare essentials. In other words:

Yup, the here, after.

That stoopidist:

And Fish This
ish what Secret Santa got me me me:

hookah hookah hookay rob, rob, rob... (hummingbird feedah, actually. & also got a CrumbSucker}

Grazie! > 1M0, 2O1O was wonder-ful, overall... Hope it was 4 u, 2. Here's 2 ditto 4 '11... Ever increasynchronicity & 'prompts', wonder, awemazement, grace... > Here's to u and yours - and to us and ours; NowYours BL1SS1NGS!

'ROB 2O11' portrait by friend Frits Jonker

Fortune Blissings Of The Days:
David Wilcock:
"Once we start listening, we'll get the clues that everything is OK. We learn, through experience, to be responsible and to not indulge in fear, anxiety and worry."
Rob Lesman - "The 'Leven'Leven of Leaks" LEAK BLiSS 01/01


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